Sujith Rao

Sujith believes in merit, openness, and collaboration, and he encourages this constantly in his team. He lives by the mantra: ‘if you win take the clap, if you fail, we take the fall’. This is his vital ask in his role as a collaborator. As a lead of honing this culture of collaboration within the agency, all levels, across seven markets are encouraged to share their latest work, innovations and learning at monthly Commerce Champions meet.

After starting his career with a series of roles doing business analytics for startups, Sujith moved to Malaysia, with an initial remit to consult digital first brands like Malaysia Airlines and KFC about their analytics. With more than 17 years of experience, Sujith has worked across categories like Telco, CPG, Airlines, BFSI to name a few.

Today, at Publicis Groupe, he runs Commerce for Southeast Asia.

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